Yisra was born on the 15th of Sun's Dusk, 4E175 somewhere in Hammerfell. She grew up travelling and because of this does not have a particular place she is from or anywhere to which she feels particularly loyal. She has been to Hammerfell, High Rock, Skyrim and Cyrodiil in her travels, picking up bits of knowledge here and there. On her 18th birthday she decided to stop traveling and begin learning. She took an immediate interest in Alchemy and Alteration, picking up some sword skills along the way to defend herself from bandits. She soon showed a natural talent for Alchemy and attained local fame in Riverwood, affectionately called "Ms. Cure-all" by the other villagers. Eventually she heard of an island in the Topal Bay that was home to scholars from all over. She packed her things and began her journey there the next day.