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Sem's face.

Sem Golt-Suu is a young Argonian from Mournhold, where he took an apprentceship in alteration magic from an old Bosmer. Sem arrived on the island due to a botched teleportation spell taught to him by the Bosmer. 

Past and Family LifeEdit

Sem's grandparents lived in Vvardenfell, but moved to Mournhold sometime before the Red Year. They had children in Mournhold, then abandoned them at birth when they moved to Chorrol. Sem's parents were supportive of his intrest in magic, although nobody else in the family had any magical experience. He would often experiment with various enchantments, spells, and scrolls, with varying degrees of success. Shortly before becoming an adult, he found that his intrest was in alteration magic. He applied at the mage's college in Mournhold, despite having almost no magic ability. He was taken in as an apprentice to Bosmer at the college.

Death of GrandparentsEdit

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Sem showing off his scar.

The Great War broke out while Sem was visiting his grandparents in Chorrol for a couple months. During the Battle of the Red Ring at Chorrol, 

Sem and his grandparents were pinned down by a Thalmor detachment, when Sem's grandfather was struck by a stray fury spell. He murdered Sem's grandmother with a kitchen knife found on the ground, then turned on Sem, slashing him several times on the top of the head. Sem was able to disarm his grandfather with a blow to the gut, and took the knife. After unsuccessfully attempting to subdue, then calm down, his grandfather, he was forced to kill him. Sem has attempted to block out this memory, without success, and often has nightmares about this event.

Life on the IslandEdit

Sem arrived at the Scholar's Guild because of a teleportation spell he messed up. He appeared on the 7th of Evening Star, when he was greeted by DemoriesTheodane, and Krognaz. Kroganz has agreed to give him free alteration lessons during a visit to the library.