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The Tamriel Scholar's Guild has not been around long. But in it's short existence it has experienced a colorful history.

Theodane's ScrapbookEdit

It all started with a simple dream.

Theodane Barnsmith awoke on the 22nd of Last Seed to find a scrap book he had written whilst half-asleep. The book details a dream he had about a fictional guild of scholars and their pursuits. It was scribbled and poorly written. Theodane discaarded it, but the idea of such a scholarly guild stuck in his mind. Therefore, Theodane wrote a set of open letters, sent them across Tamriel, and awaited reply.[1]

The Guild's FormationEdit


Scholars came from all parts of Tamriel.

Theodane sent letters far and wide to both reputable scholars and the many halls of learning where scholars would meet. The prospective members met in the Imperial City, and left for the guild's future home in the Topal Bay not long after. Struggling with the financial needs that establishing a new guild would require, but fully backed in their hearts and minds, the newly formed Tamriel Scholar's Guild made their way south.

From the Imperial City, members boarded the ship known as The Dishabille Mistress. They then made their way south, to the island they intended to settle.[2][3]

Island LifeEdit

The guild settled down on their new home and have been leading relatively quiet lives. Members have given speeches and lessons, and a slow stream of new members have arrived. The settlement has been making progress. Although no extraordinary events have occurred, this is as much a blessing as a bore, for tensions still exist among the group, and they have yet to combine into a cohesive identity. Many of the original members have returned to the mainland or faded into the background of the group, only for newer more wiley members to take their place of prominence.

Day to DayEdit

A timeline of the guild's day to day events can be found here.