The location of the guild

The Tamriel Scholars' Guild, located on an island in the Topal Bay, east of Senchal, Elsweyr, and south of Leyawiin, Cyrodiil, was founded in 4E 202 by Theodane Barnsmith. The guild is dedicated to scholarly pursuits, such as magic, history, politics, and other subjects in an environment free of scrutiny from the less-intelligent members of Tamrielic society. Discussions that are thought-provoking are always encouraged.

Entrance to the GuildEdit

Despite many new arrivals believing otherwise, the Tamriel Scholar's Guild stands apart from other guilds in that there is no formal entry requirments. There are no prerequisites and no invitation is needed. All that is required is a will to learn and explore the world around you.

The Guild is, in theory, free of bias. Funding is not provided by any political entity and the guild is instead funded by the members themselves.

 Academic PursuitsEdit

There are a wide range of academic studies that the scholar's pursue. They include but are not limited to:

  • History
  • Magicka
  • Religion
  • Deadra