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Llavam Falas is a Dunmer Warrior and veteran of The Great War, on the side of The Imperial Legion.


Llavam Falas was born in Vivec City on the fourteenth of Sun's Dusk 3E359. at the age of four his parents sent to the Imperial city of Bruma, to live with his uncle. At the age of twentyfive the young Dunmer joined the Fighters Guild, where he was sent on minor assignments for a number of years. At the age of thirty Llavam was on an assignment to clear out Capstone Cave, west of Bruma, where he killed his first enemy.

The Great WarEdit

After many years of tension, the Dominion began its attacks on The Empire, forcing the Imperial Legion to begin recruiting. When Llavam heard word of the war, he saw it as a chance to adventure in other parts of Tamriel, and quickly joined the legion. In the war Llavam was a scout, observing battles, enemy positions, enemy encampments, and reporting all this information to his superiors. During the Battle of the Red Ring, Llavam fought alongside the emperor, and was one of the first inside the Dominion occupied Imperial City. He and a number of other troops fought their way around the city to the Market District, where he took an arrow in his calf, and killed a Thalmor officer.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A man made sensible from his time in the legion, and adventuring throughout Northern Cyrodiil and Southern Skyrim, Llavam knows when and how to react, but can be quick to anger. Skill with a blade, shield and light armor are his strong suits, as well as his sense of humor. Llavam is very serious about his homeland, and will take great offense to even the most minor of comments. A handcrafted ebony sword belonging to his father and passed down to Llavam is all he has of his family, and he is highly protective of it.