Today's date is Turdas, the 21st of First Seed, 4E209.

Welcome to the Guild ArchivesEdit

This serves as the Archives of both the Tamriel Scholars' Guild and the Tamriel Adventurers' Guild, and holds their collective information, including the Roll of Members, notable discussions and events, and projects. Guild members are free to create their own personal files about their characters, as well as edit the stored texts more broadly, such as the record of the guild's history and founding and the plan of the guild's structures and buildings.

The Scholars' Guild, Meta-Guild, and Archives are under the authority of reidhasguitar and his character, Theodane Barnsmith.

About the Scholars' GuildEdit


The Guild's location

The Tamriel Scholars' Guild, located on an island in the Topal Bay, east of Senchal, Elsweyr, and south of Leyawiin, Cyrodiil, was founded in 4E 202 by Theodane Barnsmith. The guild is dedicated to scholarly pursuits, such as magic, history, politics, and other subjects in an environment free of scrutiny from the less-intelligent members of Tamrielic society. Discussions that are thought-provoking are always encouraged.

The Scholars' Guild's HistoryEdit

Theodane's Scrap BookEdit

Theodane Barnsmith awoke on the 22nd of Last Seed to find a scrap book he had written whilst half-asleep. The book details a dream he had about a fictional guild of scholars and their pursuits. It was scribbled and poorly written. Theodane discarded it, but the idea of such a scholarly guild stuck in his mind. Therefore, Theodane wrote a set of open letters, sent them across Tamriel, and awaited reply.[1]

The Formation of the GuildEdit

Theodane sent letters to any reputable scholars and halls of places scholars would meet. The guild met in the Imperial City, and left for the guild's future home in the Topal Bay not long after, struggling with the financial needs, but backed fully with the guild's support.

The Dishabille MistressEdit

After the members of the guild had made their way to the Imperial City, members boarded the ship known as The Dishabille Mistress. They then made their way to the island where they intended to settle.[2][3]

Island LifeEdit

The guild settled down on their new home and have been leading relatively quiet lives. Members have given speeches and lessons, a slow stream of new members have arrived, and the settlement has been making progress. Although no extraordinary events have occurred, this is as much a blessing as a bore, for tensions still exist among the group, and they have yet to combine into a cohesive identity. Many of the original members have returned to the mainland or faded into the background of the group.



Latest activityEdit