Fevris RedoranEdit

Born: 4E 23

Homeland: Vvardenfell, Morrowind
Other Residences: Solstiem
Field of study; Ancient Weaponry and Combat Magic

Early LifeEdit

Born in 4E 23 on the island of Vvardenfell, now an ashy wasteland. Fevris was trained from childhood in the art of martial warfare. He became proficient in the use of the shortsword and by adulthood he had mastered the art. In the year 4E 80 he moved to the Island of Solstiem, with his family.

Fears & FeaturesEdit

Fevris is very claustrophobic, after being trapped in a closet as a chid.

Fevris is left-handed.

He has a scar on his neck from a destructon spell gone awry as a child.


He left Morrowind in 4E 96, after a failed assination attempt on his family by house Haalu, to travel Tamriel and study ancient weaponry and magic. His family approved of this and backs him to this day.

Near DeathEdit

In the year 4E 150, Fevris was in a Aaleyid Ruin in Cyrodil, an bacame caught in a trap, he barely escaped with his life after 3 days with no water, and he decided to no longer work alone.


Fevris joined the Tamriel Scholar's Guild on 14 of 1st Seed, 4E 203.


Shortblade- Master