Eradran Faldil is a Bosmer born in Woodhearth, Valenwood to an alchemyst and a Legionnaire. When he was only 4, his father was killed in a attack on Woodhearth by bandits from Hammerfell, known only as the Elinhir Bandits, and his mother was wounded. After only 3 months, his mother died. For 7 years, Eradran lived with his aunt, who disowned him at age 11 for stealing bread from a trader. He then made earnings way working as a stable boy until the age of 16, where travelled to Riverhold, where he met an elderly Khajiit mage. He apprenticed to the mage for 12 years, when the mage decided to bring his practices to Cyrodil. He was left the house and all belongings. He then joined in The Great War, battling for the Aldmeri Dominion. This is where he met  Do'Khamuz, a female Khajiit warrior. They became great friends, until the war ended. They lost touch after the war. The war payed well, but Eradran lost his left eye to an arrow. Eradran returned to his home, to find that it had been torn down due to vacancy. Eradran began searching for a place to live, searching all of Riverhold. In a tavern he heard about the Scholar's Guild, and he immediately set off. Along the way, he encountered a Khajiit named Jo'rak, who took all his money in a gamble. Left penniless, he set off for the Guild hopping caravans. Soon after many months of travel, over land and sea, Eradran arrived at the Guild's Island. Soon after arriving, Eradran encountered Jo'rak, a member of the Guild. Eradran challenged him to a duel, which ended in a stale mate. Once enemies, the two became friends. Eradran's life goal has been one that began at an extremely young age... to find and kill the Elinhir Bandits.


Eradran is an expert archer, and accels in Conjuration magic. He also is good at pickpockting and theiving. His weakness comes as alchemy and Restoration magic.