Crom Cruach

Breton (Reachmen)




4E 172

Home City



19th Frostfall




Crom Cruach was born to Reachmen who were killed during the fighting between Ulfric and The Reachmen in the Markarth Incident. He was raised by the Forsworn and has studied their magic for many years. He was driven out of the Reach after an unfortunate experiment involving a Briarheart and a few easily upset Hargravens. He learned of the Scholars Guild by reading a note brought to him by a few Forsworn that came from a dead courier. He has a simple grasp of minor destruction and illusion spells and hopes to unlock the secrets of Briarhearts in order to extend his own lifespan.

Early LifeEdit

He was born in Markarth during the Reachmen occupation in the Great War. His father was killed on the walls of Markarth by Ulfric Stormcloak and his militia during the Markarth Incident. His mother was taken captive and tortured to by the Stormcloaks in an attempt to find the location of the fleeing Reachmen. When she refused she was summarily executed. Crom had already been taken from the city by the rest of the Reachmen and was then raised in the wilds of the Reach. He was taught basic magic by a Forsworn Shaman and when he was in his youth he began to tend to the wounded Forsworn that had made their way back to the camp. He gained a firm hold on calming spells while operating on Briarhearts in his yout, which sparked his curiosity into Briarheart physiology and the magic behind their implanted hearts.

Scholars GuildEdit

During his study of Briarhearts, he ran foul of a paticularly nasty Hargraven and was nearly killed. Sensing that he was coming close to a discovery but not wanting to get himself killed, he collected his things and a Briarheart to study and fled the Reach. He was about to cross into Cyrodill when he met a group of Forsworn who gave him the note which led him to the Scholars Guild.

He made his way to the guild and set up a tent in which he studies the physiology of Donnel, the Briarheart he brought with him from the Reach. He maintains secrecy in his experimentation and believes he is close to a major breakthrough but without the proper incantations he is unable to create a new Briarheart, which is his goal.

His relations with the rest of the guild are friendly, with the exception of the recent addition of the Stormcloak, who he is bitter against, blaming him for his parent's death. He stays civil but often wonders about the possibliltiy of using him for experimentation.