Members of the Tamriel Guild of Scholars
Name Description
Bargok gro-Nagrob

Bargok gro-Nagrob is Senior Illusionist and Council Member of the Tamriel Guild of Scholars on Topal Island, in the Topal Bay. He is married to Borgakh the Steel Heart of the Mor Khazgur stronghold.

Darahm Llaras Darahm Llaras is a Dunmer, and an ancient sorcerer who studies the Dwemer and the Daedra. He is a master Conjurer, and rather reckless and mad. He has lived somewhere south around the Summerset Isles, and east of Morrowind.
Fargoth Milburrow

Fargoth Milburrow is a Bosmer born and raised in Skingrad, Cyrodiil. He is adept in Ice Destruction, Alteration and Illusion magicks. He is also an expert in Alchemy. Fargoth has devoted a lot of his life into the research of bosmer religion and culture. Recently he started researching into all elven roots, excepting the dwemer, hence is reason for joining the guild. It should also be noted he has a fear of fire, as his father taught him it was extremely dangerous and potentially uncontrollable.

Hladas Selethril Hladas Selethril is an old Dunmer sorcerer from Morrowind. His origins are unknown among the scholars at the guild, though he has mentioned he used to live in Alendu Tower, in the Kragenmoor region of Morrowind, in the foothills of the Velothi mountains.
Jo'Rajja Jo'Rajja is a Khajiit illusionist, and a member of the Scholars' Guild.
Juliano Merric Juliano Merric (born on 15th of Sun's Height, 4E 125) is an active member of the Tamriel Scholars Guild and an ex trainer of Conjuration, Alteration, and Destruction at the College of Winterhold.
Krognaz gro-Makoza

Krognaz is an Orcish smith hailing from Bruma, Cyrodiil but has spent most of his life in Imperial City. He served in the Great War as a blacksmith and ran a forge in the City for the next thirty years, before moving to the guild's island, where he intends to retire.

Llavam Falas

Llavam Falas is a Dunmer Warrior and veteran of The Great War, on the side of The Imperial Legion.


Rinthanir is an Altmer with a Bosmer father who lives with the members of the Tamriel Guild of Scholars.

Servio Fortis Servio Fortis is an imperial man, who practices restoration and is an adept swordsman.
Theodane Barnsmith Theodane Barnsmith is the founder of the Tamriel Guild of Scholars. He is part of the Guild Council, and is treated as the guild's leader.

He was born on the 30th of Midyear, 4E 179 in Camlorn, High Rock. He is a thaumaturge, and knows a few select spells from other schools of magic.


Thrassan is a Bosmeri Werewolf from Woodhearth, Valenwood. He is an Expert Marksman and a Master Alchemist. He enjoys hunting and exploring the woods when he isn't brewing. Thrassan currently resides in his unfinished treehouse a short distance away from the Scholars Guild hall on their Island.

Baldor Saber-Eye

Baldor is a Nord from skyrim. He is an expert in alteration and engineering and a near expert in illusion. He enjoys inventing and tinkering.

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