Baldor Saber-Eye is a 28 year old Nord

Early life

Baldor was born in Whiterun, but he never stayed in one place for long. His father was a traveling tinker, who was renouned for his skill. Baldor took to the skill with ease. by his 19th had essentially learned all he could from his father. He wished to go to the College of Winterhold to further his knowledge and find new ways to solve his problems. He left on his 22nd birthday.

The College

He had taken to Alteration magic much like he did to being a tinker. He was trained in Alteration by Tolfdir at the college. When the archmage perished Baldor took that as a sign to move on.


He is facinated by dwarven machinery. Baldor one day hopes to construct a Dwarven centurion roughly the size of a man. He hopes these could one day free men of menial tasks. He is an expert in the schools of Alteration and he is almpst an expert in Ilusion. He wary of being dependent on magic so when inventing or solving problems he always tries to solve them without magic first. He is a large fan of toys and trinkets. He builds and designs wind-up machines that sometimes involve magic. He is not a very focused man. Though very intelligent when it comes to engineering, he often does not think ahead. Baldor has been known for being quick with his words and thoughts.