Alinore Berene, is a ranger and member of  Gharnoks mercenary group(aka the adventurer's guild)


Alinores father was a wayrest noble who fled High Rock during a political scandal with his bodyguard, after settling down in Bruma the two fell in love and Alinore was born 4 years later. he was trained from birth in ranger skills by his mother, and when he was forced to join the legion at 18 he thought his peers to be ignorant fools for not receiving the training he did, leading to the development of his arrogant attitude. Alinore saw no future in being a legionnaire so at the age of 23 he became a mercenary, traveling for a brief time with the so called "knights of Brena" and the joining up with Gharnoks group


Alinores ranger skills include




short blade fighting


alinore is armed with:

(1) Glass bow

(25) Glass arrows

(3) Steel throwing knives

(!) Elven shortsword